Life can bring up difficult situations. We can work on discussing difficult issues, communicating interests and needs, and solving problems together to have satisfactory results for all parties.



This is a voluntary process in which the parties work to settle disputes with the assistance of a third party (the mediator).  Many parenting/custody issues, as well as other types of family issues, can be resolved through mediation.  If willing to work together in good faith, it is possible to reach agreements, often resulting in decreased emotional and financial stress, while staying out of court.

Collaborative Divorce


Divorce can be a traumatic experience.  The collaborative process can help minimize some of that distress by choosing not to go to court and by utilizing a team of professionals. My role as a coach is to assist you in identifying and prioritizing your concerns and developing a parenting plan when children are involved.  When coaches meet in a four-way meeting with clients, the goal is to improve communication, clarify misunderstandings, finalize a parenting plan and direct best efforts toward a collaborative settlement. Coaches also work with other Collaborative professionals such as attorneys and child specialists.  As a Child Specialist I help children voice their concerns regarding divorce, provide parents with information and guidance so they may help their children, and give information to the coaches that will assist in developing an effective Parenting Plan.

Different Approaches

  • Therapy

Dealing with emotions of sadness, anger, hurt, fear… how to cope… how to move on.

  • Mediation

Parenting and child custody issues can be discussed and agreements made.  Parents make decisions and not the court.

  • Coparent Counseling

Learn and practice how to communicate more effectively to discuss coparenting matters.

  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Part of the Collaborative team to assist with your focus of interest, goals, concerns, desires and outcome, as well as effective communication and parenting plan.

  • Collaborative Child Specialist

Meet with the child, to be the voice of the child… to assist parents in creating the best parenting plan to meet the child’s needs.

  • Consultation

Assistance while going through child custody evaluation or court mediation.  Focus on most important concerns for your family and avoid pitfalls that can be damaging.

  • Child Custody Evaluation and Brief Focused Assessment

Best interest of child focus, ordered by the court.

  • Parenting Coordination (formerly known as Special Master)

Court-ordered assistance with parenting issues, communication, decision-making for high-conflict cases.