Barbara Seifer, LMFT

I have been in private practice for over 30 years. I provide therapy to individuals, couples and families. I also work individually with children. I try to help people understand their relationships with others, as well as gain clarity about their own view of themselves.


Sometimes we hold onto roles that we were assigned or initiated ourselves in our family of origin, (e.g. peacemaker, troublemaker, helper, helpless one) which may no longer be constructive, true or relevant; even detrimental in current situations.  Understanding how we develop attitudes, moods, relationships, coping mechanisms, and self-esteem are key to making positive changes and good decisions now and in the future.


Each person who comes to me for therapy is unique and my approach certainly is not cookie-cutter.  I help individuals understand their behavior, their self-concepts, relationships, and together we find the tools to navigate a successful path.